June 25, 2010

Cameron Highlands - Holiday

Cameron Highlands...home of the tea plantation and fun. Fun...? That depends on how you define fun. If you love a cool atmosphere minus the 'kelam kabut' of a big city, than this is definitely the place for you. Even then you have to overcome the massive traffic as this place is well known to be quite chaotic on holidays.
But somehow, it is worthwhile...provided you have a good sense of patience.

Of couse the kids were more excited seeing the live strawberries for the first time. The closest they came to strawberry before this is just the strawberry ice cream. Wonder if I will ever find apples growing here...!

June 22, 2010

Lata Iskandar, Perak

Lata Iskandar is a magnificent waterfall located on the mid-way point from Tapah to Cameron Highlands. Travelling along the winding road to Cameron Highlands, you will not miss the magnificent sight of this waterfall. The sheer height of the waterfall is enough to persuade you to stop and have a closer look...maybe even take a dip.
Sight like this is quite common in the area as the orang asli community will make full use of the jungle resources to earn a living. Rows and rows of petai is quite a common sight during petai season. While some may dislike the petai due to its strong smell, there is no denying that it is one of the local delicacies much sought after.

Be prepared to face the difficulty of locating a good parking spot along the trunk road as the place is normally crowded on weekends and public holidays. Despite the popularity of this place, unfortunately, there is no proper parking facilities to cater to the visitors' needs. So the best place to park is still along the side of the road. But a word of caution though. Watch out for the buses and lorries which ply the route. They can sometimes be real nuisance.

No matter what, Lata Iskandar is definitely one of the best attractions in the area. So do come prepared. And one more thing...the water can be really cold.